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 Kapotas [MEMBER]

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PostSubject: Kapotas [MEMBER]   Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:12 pm

Name: Mixalis

Age: 22

Location: Athens

Time Zone: Greece , GMT +2

How many days a week do you play :
I'm online everyday approximately 4-7 hours per day

Character Name: Kapotas

Main and level: Tyrr Warrior 87 Lv

Is there anyone else applying with you? If so, who?
Akapotos / LastRideOfTheDay / Episthmonas / Yavanna / LouLouLou / Melone / JooLee (all my company Cool )

List previous clans and/or servers:

www.lineage2.ro ->
Owner of one of the biggest clans in that server -> OMG clan
We left this server cause it was corrupted. Idea

Why did you leave your previous clan? Inactive

What is your PVP/PK count? 17/5

What boss jewels do you have? 0 yet

What armor do you have? Twilight

How much element on armor? Level 4

What weapon(s) do you have, and how much element?
Apocalypse Slasher Focus +4 Lv 5 Fire / Apocalypse Stormer

Do you participate in Oly? Won't be a good idea yet

You must be in RaidCall at all times while in game, will this be an issue? I already have joined

Are you available on weekends for such clan activities as raids, events and sieges?
I 'm available yes

What activities do you have that prevent you from playing Lineage?
College , gym

Please add any additional comments for our consideration here:
Nothing to be considered. Just came here with all my friends just to have fun and meet new friends.
I'm glad to have met you all and i hope for the best
Smile Cool
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Kapotas [MEMBER]
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