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PostSubject: manto    Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:18 am

Name: manto


Location: chios

Time Zone:+2 GTM

How many days a week do you play? 24/7

Character Name: manto

Main and level:saggi 97

Is there anyone else applying with you? If so, who? xshandowx aka undertakerr

List previous clans and/or servers:chronos arg0nautes

Why did you leave your previous clan? my char was stolen

What is your PVP/PK count? 62/1

What boss jewels do you have? full epic

What armor do you have? seraph leather set

How much element on armor? 3x120
(i.e. 60 per piece, 3x60 per piece)

What weapon(s) do you have, and how much element? apo bow +4 2 sa holy 300

Do you participate in Oly? (Yes/No) yes

You must be in RaidCall at all times while in game, will this be an issue? no

Are you available on weekends for such clan activities as raids, events and sieges? yes

What activities do you have that prevent you from playing Lineage? working!
(work, school, avid social life, etc)

Please add any additional comments for our consideration here: ti malakies erwthseis einai autes..... :S oute strato na pernaga.....   lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
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